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Amy Bloom’s “Silver Water” 1) Let’s start with the title. What does it mean? Consider the passage: “My sister’s voice was like mountain water in a silver pitcher; the clear, blue beauty of it cools you and lifts you up beyond your heat, beyond your body” (72). Is there any other reference in the text that you could consider? 2) What about the characters? What can you say about the mother, the father, the younger sister, and Dr. Thorne? Consider the passage: ‘“Hey, Little Nut.’ You have to understand how big a man would have to be to call my sister ‘little.’ He christened us all, right away. ‘And it’s the good Doctor Nut, and Madame Hickory Nut, ‘cause they are the hardest damn nuts to crack, and over here in the overalls and not much else, is No One’s Nut’—a name which summed up both my sanity and my loneliness. We all relaxed” (74). Choose other passages that help you describe and understand the characters.
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Unformatted text preview: 3) “I woke up at three o’clock in the morning…Her breathing was very slow and her lips were not as pink as they usually were…I sat with her, uncovering the bottle of white pills by her hand, and watched the stars fade” (78). What about this passage? What values and personal beliefs are there? 4) ‘“Warrior queens,’ she said, wrapping her thin strong arms around me. ‘I raised warrior queens.’ She kissed me fiercely and went into the woods by herself” (79). Why does the mother call her daughters warrior queens? What does that mean? 5) How do you explain the conflicts in the story? What values are at stake? What would be the best procedures or policies for these problems? A. Psychiatric treatment B. Psychiatric insurance C. Physical hazard of dealing with mentally ill family members...
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