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Essay 1 - Ktia Mello Vieira English 101/107 Fall 2008 Essay...

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Kátia Mello Vieira English 101/107 Fall 2008 Essay 1 Examining Cultural Inadequacy Textual Analysis First draft due: September 11 th Second draft due: September 16 th Final draft due: September 25 th What is the meaning of cultural inadequacy? What references can we use to define it? Who defines what is considered culturally inadequate? When do people/characters feel inadequate? What causes this feeling? What values and ideologies lie behind the (sometimes) uncomfortable feeling of being in relation to other people? As you keep these questions in mind, read the short stories assigned for this unit. Your task is to choose one of the texts and analyze it in detail. Analyze the text that intrigues, surprises, bothers you, towards which you will have something interesting to say. In the essay, you will argue for particular interpretations of the text reached by practicing close reading, annotation, analysis. You may choose to analyze the purpose, the audience, and the context of the text you choose. You might also analyze the text’s structure, its
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