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Essay 1 ICW - emotions you want the reader to carry through...

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Essay 1: In-class Writing Read your essay and write about it. Think of this ICW as your written defense of your essay and as reflection of your writer’s attitude. 1) For each of the paragraphs you wrote, write what you wanted your reader to know, to take away with him/her. Do not repeat sentences you wrote in your essay. Read the paragraph again and you want to tell me what your intentions were when you wrote that paragraph, what kind of argument or reasoning you were using. Also, write how you wanted you reader to feel. Tell me what
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Unformatted text preview: emotions you want the reader to carry through the reading and why. 2) Tell me about two or three strengths of yours as writer as you sailed through the composition of this essay. How were you able to utilize your strengths to build the analysis? 3) Write about two or three weaknesses that you experience as a writer? If you were to improve in two or three ways of going through the writing process to have a great essay, what those would be? 4) How does it feel to be a writer at the University?...
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