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Vieira 1 “Sometimes it helps to know that I just can’t do it all. One step at a time is all that’s possible—even when those steps are taken on the run.” --Anne W. Schaef Contextual Analysis Essay 3: The Culture of Friends and Family R 10/23 For class: FINISH YOUR ESSAY. Be prepared to hand in your final version, your initial draft, drafts I wrote on, peer drafts (clearly numbered), and any other documents that illustrate your writing process for this essay. In case of emergency, make a back-up copy of your essay. In class we'll do ICW #4. We’ll also discuss Unit Three . T 10/28 For class: Read Steve Yarbrough’s “The Rest of her Life” (628-648). Also read “Text-in-Context” (SG 177- 182). We’ll do ICW #5. R 10/30 For class: Read Mary Gaitskill’s “Tiny, Smiling Daddy” (228-238). For Journal #9 , respond to the story. Why is Kitty so angry about her childhood? Why is Stu so clueless about his daughter? In what ways has writing played a pivotal role in your own life? T 11/4
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