Jealous Husband and Never Marry

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Unit 1—Examining Cultural Inadequacy The Scribner Anthology —Questions for Discussion and Writing “Jealous Husband Returns in Form of Parrot” by Robert Olen Butler 1) “But before I could get them out of my beak there was this guy at my wife’s shoulder and all my feathers went slick flat like to make me small enough not to be seen and I backed away. The pupils of my eyes pinned and dilated and pinned again” (104). Jealousy is fist presented as when the husband is in the form of a parrot. It is visceral. The parrot describes it as a reaction of the body. How significant is that to the story? 2) On page 105, Butler describes how the husband dies. Could there be a spiritual explanation to his reincarnation? Could he have unfinished business to deal with? Why does it matter to the story? 3) As the wife walks naked to the den and opens the cage, the parrot tells her in his simple words and translates to what he should be saying (107-108). That is a moment of reflection. How does if affect your understanding of the story?
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