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Jhumpa Lahiri - Hint 5 “Tonight with no lights they would...

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Jhumpa Lahiri’s “A Temporary Matter” 1) Share your thoughts about the story. How did you read it? Who are the characters? Describe them in detail. What is the context? What is the temporary matter that seems to be the conflict of the story? What major events happen in the story that transform the characters’ lives? 2) The story is filled with hints of what is to come. Explain how and why the work in the story. Hint 1 : “A friend had sent the calendar in the mail as a Christmas gift, even though Shoba and Shukumar hadn’t celebrated Christmas that year” (322). Hint 2 : “The last moment he saw Shoba pregnant, it was the cab he remembered most, a station wagon…It was cavernous compared to their own car” (322). Hint 3 : “She used to put her coat on a hanger, her sneakers in the closet, and she paid bills as soon as they came. But now she treated the house as if it were a hotel” (324) Hint 4 : “She was the type to prepare for surprises, good or bad…She kept bonuses from her job in a separate bank account in her name” (324).
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Unformatted text preview: Hint 5 : “Tonight, with no lights, they would have to eat together” (325). “How about telling each other something we’ve never told before” (328). Hint 6 : “He wondered what Shoba would tell him in the dark. The worst possibilities had already run through his head. That she’d had an affair. That she didn’t respect him for being thirty-five and still a student. That she blamed him for being in Baltimore the way her mother did” (330) Hint 7 : “Somehow, without saying anything, it had turned into this. Into an exchange of confessions—the little ways they’d hurt or disappointed each other, and themselves” (331). Hint 8 : “But instead she blew out the candle, stood up, turned on the light switch, and sat down again” (333). 3) What topic relates to you more closely? A. Relationships and death of a child B. Relationships and facing adversity C. Relationships and honesty D. Cultivation of relationships...
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