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Kátia Mello Vieira English 101/107 Fall 2008 Essay 2 Examining Values Reader-response Analysis Discovery draft: October 9 th First draft: October 14th Second draft: October 15 th or October 17 th Final draft: October 23 rd The goal of this unit is to enter the practice of critical interpretation through basic readerly (“subjective”) responses. We will acknowledge the subjective element (to some extent, it is always a part of interpretation) but then qualify such an approach with close attention to the language of the text, to move beyond initial reactions. Some basic questions: What is your response to the text? What in the text makes you react? What do you bring to the text, in terms of education, experiences, beliefs, et cetera? This last question implies a diversity of interpretation, because you all have different backgrounds. The challenge is to make your subjective responses relevant to an audience by basing your findings on the evidence available (to all) in the text. The assignment:
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