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Unit 1—Examining Cultural Inadequacy The Scribner Anthology— Questions for Discussion and Writing “Relief” by Peter Ho Davies 1. How does the author describe Lieutenant Wilby’s flatulence problem? What vocabulary is he using? How does it make you feel as you read it? Why? Have you been in a similar situation before? 2. Who are the characters? Are they round or flat? How does each of them relate to Lieutenant Wilby? 3. What does Davies mean by “it was thought that [Bromhead’s] deafness wouldn’t be so noticeable or important to men who spoke English with such an impenetrable accent” (123)? 4. Davies establishes two contexts and two parallel stories being told. Describe them. How does one inform the other? 5. “This was when Wilby began to feel his flatulence return,” writes Davies, “and his discomfort grew even when Bromhead broke in and explained that the Zulus believed that opening a man’s chest was the only way to set his spirit free from his dead body” (125). Explain this passage. Why does Davies mesh flatulence and death in the same
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