Thinking about the writing process and workshopping

Thinking about the writing process and workshopping - you...

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Reflecting on the Writing Process and Workshopping 1) When did you find your ideas for your essay? When did you come up with your thesis? When did you find good evidence to prove your point? What part of the writing process was it when you realized you had a good idea, a strong thesis, and evidence that seems logical? 2) Write about three of your responders (not me). Who are they? How do they read your essay? What/where do they mark or comment on? How are the comments they make useful to you? How do you feel as you read their comments? 3) If some comments do not work, why is that? How would you like your responders to comment on your paper? 4) What do you do as a responder? What kind of comments
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Unformatted text preview: you make? Where in the paper do you comment? Do you stop at each paragraph and think about the meaning? What do you look for in your peers’ essays—global (voice, thesis, PIE paragraphs, organization, evidence, use of quote) or local (punctuation, parallel construction, use of transitions words)? 5) How can you improve as a responder? Do you think techniques such as 1) underline thesis and topic sentences, 2) write one comment on the right margin per paragraph, 3) find one grammar point to edit, 4) insert words and phrases into sentences, 5) having a final comment on the overall effect of the paper at the end might be useful? Why?...
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