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Transition Worksheet Transitions are words, phrases, and sentences that guide readers as they move through a text and signal connections among ideas. Transitional words, phrases, and sentences guide the reader in much the same way as road signs guide a motorist. Writers use transitions both within paragraphs and between paragraphs. Within paragraphs: Use transitions to link ideas with the paragraph. Use only those that are necessary to make your ideas clear. Too many transitions distract the reader from your message and slow down the rhythm of your language. Therefore, use only those that you need. In the following paragraph, transitions are effectively used. Although he was a delinquent in many ways, his mother still loved him. Even though he often skipped school and was once arrested for breaking streetlights, his mother kept right on loving him. At one time, he even stole a car. He was also a bully at school, and although he was intelligent, he still made poor grades. Even though his mother, of course, was worried and hurt, she never let him know it. He never felt deserted because she always stood behind him. Finally, he reformed. A mother’s love, in this case, paid off. Paragraph to Paragraph:
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Transitions_Worksheet[1] - Transition Worksheet Transitions...

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