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Ashley Peters Professor Kosta German Media Arts 325 February 15, 2009 Blue Angel The movie “Blue Angel” is about a very prestige Professor Rath who goes to an underground bar where he finds out where some of his students are going. Scared that his students are being corrupted he goes there to find his students to teach them a lesson and instead he gets distracted by the biggest performer there Lola Lola. Lola Lola is a very sexually attractive singer and performer that many men in that town go to see. She shows the professor kindness and ends up tricking him in becoming clown. Through the whole movie there are very funny scenes but the one I chose for a close reading is when Professor Rath first goes to the bar and is invited to stay in the dressing room with Lola. When Professor Rath is on his way to the underground bar it is very dark and almost scary, maybe a warning that the bar is bad or evil. When he first arrives he is very lost looking through the windows and getting caught in the net. Lola is up on stage singing how she is going to find a real man tonight and shines the spotlight
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