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Unformatted text preview: FX 300 MS Training guide Tools FX 300 MS Calculator Overhead OH 300 MS Handouts Applicable activities Activities for the Classroom FX-300 Scientific Calculator Other materials Quick Reference Guide (inside the calculator cover) Key Points/ Overview ¡ Two line display ¡ VPAM to show formulas as in textbooks (Visually Perfect Algebraic Method) ¡ Fraction key; Mixed number vs. improper fractions ¡ Recall and edit function ¡ Statistics mode including standard deviation and regression Content BASIC ARITHMETIC CALCULATIONS Mode 1 (Comp) Computation Making Corrections During Input Replay Function Order of Operations Display Format (FIX, SCI, Norm) Fraction Display Decimal-Fraction Conversion Angle Display Initial Defaults Percentage Calculations Degrees/Minutes/Seconds Memory Calculations Answer Memory Consecutive Calculations Independent Memory Variables Clearing Memory Powers/Square Roots/Cube Root, nth roots Probability Calculations/Random Number/Factorials Trigonometry Trigonometric/Inverse Trigonometric Functions Hyperbolic/ Inverse Hyperbolic Functions Convert Radians to Degrees Coordinate Conversion Logarithms/Natural Logarithms STATISTICAL CALCULATIONS Standard Deviation Mode 2 (SD) Standard Deviation Regression Mode 3 (Reg) Regression 1 References the Casio FX-300 MS User’s Guide Casio FX-300MS Scientific calculator FX 300 MS Training guide Basic Arithmetic Calculations Making Corrections During Input • Use the left and right arrows on the REPLAY function to move the cursor to the location you want to correct. • Press [DEL] to delete at the current cursor position • Press [SHIFT] [INS] to change the cursor to an insert cursor [ ]. Replay Function Every time you perform a calculation, the replay function stores the calculation formula and its result in replay memory. Pressing the up arrow displays the formula and result of the calculation you last performed. If you continue to press the up arrow, you will scroll sequentially through your last calculations (most recent to oldest). Notes: Replay memory capacity is 128 bytes. Pressing AC will not clear the replay memory. If you want to clear the replay memory, press the ON key or reset the modes/settings: Press [SHIFT] [CLR] [2] [=] or [SHIFT] [CLR] [3] [=] . Order of Operations The calculator uses “order of operations”. Examples: 2 + 3 x 4 = 14 You do not need parentheses around 3 x 4. (2 + 3) x 4 = 20 Use Replay and [SHIFT] [INS] to add parentheses. Blinking [ ] is the insert cursor. - 2 2 = - 4 (- 2) 2 = 4 Display Format To change the exponential display format, press the [MODE] key 3 times. Fixed number of decimal places: Press 1: FIX You will then be prompted for the number of decimal places (0 – 9)....
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fx300ms_training_guide - FX 300 MS Training guide Tools FX...

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