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Question 1: How to interpret/interact with New World Compare: all reject abstract reason that tries to generalize and define the world when the world is unlimited and our senses self-deceiving and finite. Emphasis on the importance of experiencing how the world really is (including the New World) in a newer, more unbiased perspective All satirizes (except Vespucci who tries to makes an account of accurate observation, but still fails by carrying his European customs and views) biased European views on the native people of the New World and suggest that one needs to have a new perspective, not constrained by old ideas or customs (liberal arts:Prospero) o Las Casas, Shakespeare and Montaigne critical of the hypocrisy of European society Tempest: satirizing European treatment of New World; balance of ideas and practice Caliban = monster in appearance? o But aren’t subjects of the isle afraid of Prospero (Ariel, Caliban and Ferdinand) who’s more cruel enslaving? o Caliban the only native, capable of eloquent speech Prospero “neglecting worldly ends, dedicated to closeness and bettering of my mind” – inability to cope w practice, focus on abstract ideas, he isolated himself from the reality of the world and lost dukedom Prospero’s plea for forgiveness for his hyprocrisy (usurpation) Montaigne: experience tool to develop one’s mind to make better judgments His essays are “drawn from Life” In “That is Madness to Judge the True and the False” o “Vainglory and curiosity are the twin scourges of our souls” o That make use to leave nothing unresolved or undecided o False judgments stem from defining the infinite world “On Cannibal”: Las Casas: shocking account of how natives are treated in New World
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hum studyguide - Question 1 How to interpret/interact with...

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