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E1info - Physics 21 Fall 2007 Information about Exam-1 What...

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Physics 21 Fall, 2007 Information about Exam-1 First Hour Exam : There will be an exam on Thursday, October 4, 2007 at 4:10 pm. Everyone except extra-time students will take the exam in Packard 101. Extra-time stu- dents will take the entire exam in LL221. Recitation leaders will give further information. The exam will be closed book and closed notes. Any physical constants and integrals you need will be given on the exam. The equation sheet posted on the course web site will be included on the exam. Use of Calculators and Other Electronic Devices : You should bring a calculator. Cell phones, music players and headphones are prohibited and must not even be visible during the exam. For some questions you may need to solve three equations in three unknowns. You must solve such equations by hand and show the solutions for full credit. You may use the calculator to check your hand solution. Units : In order to receive full credit, all numerical answers must include the correct units. Be careful about this point, because the online homework system usually provides the units for you. You should be familiar with the common prefixes femto through giga.
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