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Course Policies – Introduction to Thermal-Fluid Engineering ME 2124 Spring 2009 Texts: Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics , 6 th ed., M.J. Moran and H.N. Shapiro, Wiley, 2008. (This text is also required for ME 3124 Thermodynamics.) Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics , 5 th ed., B.R. Munson, D.F. Young, and T.H. Okiishi, Wi- ley, 2006. (This text is also required for ME 3404 Fluid Mechanics,) Introduction to Thermal and Fluids Engineering , Abridged, by D. Kaminski and M.K. Jensen, Wiley, 2006. Web Site: is the course web site. Syllabus, course announcements, problem statements, etc. will be available for download. Prerequisite: Physics 2305 (Physics I) Corequisite: Math 2214 (Differential Equations) Classes: Class will meet for lectures twice a week (50 minutes). Reading: Assigned reading is shown in the syllabus. Assignments should be read before the class for which they are listed. Homework: Assigned homework is shown in the syllabus. Problems should be done for the begin- ning of class on the date for which they are listed.
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