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Bl St lec 092707

Bl St lec 092707 - 1690 English drama critic[Rhymer says...

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Bl St lec 092707 History… Queen Elizabeth issued decrees to banish all the black ppl from England in 16 th - 17 th c Our issue is why Shakespeare had imbedded all the stereotypes of blacks “had you had your mother’s complexion you could be a prince”-quote from Shakespeare Before queen anne shows up [above] Shakespeare after Queen Anne had play in which women showed up on stage dressed in black, controversial Shakespeare is political with writings Final Points Shakespeare is one of the developers of modern English King James in 1611 had the first popular vulgar translation of the bible, was killed for it English historiography contributed to Shakespeare and vice versa Othello: How does Shakespeare write with racism in his plays before racism emerges? presence of blackness anticipates the emergence of whiteness bans between black man and white woman 1670’s-80’s: whiteness begins to appear
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Unformatted text preview: 1690: English drama critic [Rhymer] says Othello can not be a tragedy b/c it is based upon a black man [general in army] marrying a white woman aristrocrat [unrealistic] • 1660’s: Englishman fined b/c his daughter was pregnant by African slave • Racist in the play is a white man, Iago • Iago is sneaky and so complex that scholars tend to do more analysis of Iago than Othello • Iago the racist does not believe anything he is telling other people to believe, using race to manipulate in order to try to get Othello back • Nation goes to war and wants the best general, who is Othello, awkward for duke b/c he is dating his daughter [black man white woman] Conflict invested in Othello • blackamoor: centuries old by the time Othello is written o involves a historical sensibility which the negro has o History which goes back to the 8-9 century up to 17 th century negro: black...
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