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Bl st lec 100407

Bl st lec 100407 - commoners • the past is more powerful...

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Bl st lec 100407 Eres password: picture Midterm: Shakespeare, wheeler, morgan All exams are take-home Mullato: half black, half white [derived from the word mule-cross btwn donkey and horse, sterile- meaning mulattos were not natural] Quadroon: ¼ black Octoroon: 1/8 black East Indians: considered white in US, black in Europe Seminole tribe [lead by Africans]: derived from semirone [wild animals] Wheeler: maintains the argument that she can postulate a moment when racism dosen’t exist, was a biology that was understood in alternative ways race is not fixed race is elastic proto-racial ideology: maybe there were ideologies that anticipate race and lead to the construction of racism many arguments held towards the beginning of racism are not shared with
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Unformatted text preview: commoners • the past is more powerful than the present • paragraph pg. 9: [relate to Othello]: as we engage day to day between master and slave, that is where race first constructs itself- then it traveled to england blacks were first called ‘dinosaurs’ [1840’s] Linnileus: called humans mammals, homo sapiens-against wet nursing b/c infant fatality rate rose [higher class] o more subject to disease o allowing their disease culture to be passed on native Americans were the first population to be enslaved, but were hard to keep-brought over poor people for slavery, but very few of them survived-African labor began Argument: race was there before black/white, proto-racial are actually racial...
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