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Bl st lec 101107 - publication For the irish,...

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Bl st lec 101107 Theory of multiplicity [39] Defoe: looks at the construction of Africa and slavery and the construction of captain singleton Robinson Crusoe [1719] Captain Singleton [1722] Colonel Jack [1720] Moll Flanders Roxanna Oxford English dictionary: in the 1696 issue, the first connotion of European with white was made wheeler: it doesn’t matter that you can trace this appearance, it is still unstable Defoe= bourgeoisie [merchant/trading class, in opposition to the aristocracy], capitalism [as shown through characters Crusoe and Captain Jack, who are obsessed with accumulating wealth without knowing why] Defoe is writing a historical novel about events that began 80 yrs earlier to the
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Unformatted text preview: publication For the irish, Transportation was a punishment-if you violated the laws of Britain you could be transported to Australia, New zeland, north America: where you were to work Even so, the Irish were not enough labor for the colonies African labor becomes the important source beginning of 19 th centure Jamaica had 300,000 slaves, 30,000 whites, 36,000 colored [10 to 1] Defoe: the whole novel is really about Christianity Christianity may mean for defoe colonialism Shuri and Friday encounter Crusoe...
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Bl st lec 101107 - publication For the irish,...

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