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Bl St Lec 101707 - blackness] • slave systems attempt to...

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Bl St Lec 101707 Iago in the Thomas Hearings : Present Wheeler Chapter 3 and 4 Chapter 3: about novels produced in the middle of the 18 th c o Concerned with intermarriage novels Chapter 4: late 18 th c, [after 1770] o Concerned with histories of 2 colonial outposts: Scotland and Jamaica o “this is the moment we see the appearance of modern racism beginning” o From this moment on, racism only grows Black woman appears in the 1770’s, but not beauty, extraordinary seductiveness [Jamaica] Modern racism comes too late to be a cause of African slavery Slavery is the first cause of racism [invalid], only one of several factors After 1770’s: explanation of difference begins to be hair color, skin color, etc “proto-racial ideologies”=Prior racial ideologies o Argues one of prior racial ideologies is one that Shakespeare notes in Othello: the blackamoor [signifier of blackness] is a racist subjective, imaginary figure that is replaced by the word negro [signifier of
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Unformatted text preview: blackness] • slave systems attempt to create social death-no family, no history, no past West Indies Lobby • agents [1671] • merchants • planters [absentee] • members of parliament [Stephen Foller- about 50/556 people] o not only had impact on public policy, but also public opinon o clear from 1760’s on that the reasons why their slave labor was justified was b/c these ppl were black Jamaica: 300,000 slaves, 20,000 whites, 36,000 colored “slavery is the salvation of these people” 4-stages of living in 18 th c • hunting gathering • domestication of animals • domestication of plants [agriculture] • commerce/trade David Hume [pg 185-186] • notes most conquests originated in the north • never was a civilized nation of any other complexion than white • now it reads: negroes naturally inferior to the whites...
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Bl St Lec 101707 - blackness] • slave systems attempt to...

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