Bl St lec 102307

Bl St lec 102307 - goes to bed naked, sons come along, one...

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Bl St lec 102307 Amazing Grace: slavery was being debated in England, ended 1807, after 1807 the British navy patrolled for slave ships Nicholas Guyatt “for slaves are black”, London Review of Books, oct. 4, 2007 Impediments to racialization o Christianity o Sexuality Ie book by James Walvin, “The Trader, The Owner, The Slave” Study of John Newton, a slave captain, Thomas Thiselwood, overseer, and Olada Okiano, a black slave who bought freedom Sexual contradictions of slavery in form of Thiselwood the owner Wheeler on Christianity: o English literacy in the 18 th c. not good o Therefore Half the English could not read these books she refers to o Restricts our attentions to the elites of society Noah’s Arc after the flood, Noah got drunk in his garden
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Unformatted text preview: goes to bed naked, sons come along, one of the sons [Ham] starts laughing, Noah cursed Ham, Hams son [canaan] received the curse that he would serve slavery [became black] Polygenecist argument: Christianity does explain racial difference with the flood and its aftermath story Eckiano: is a slave, but eventually gains freedom becomes a slave overseer, owner 1772: Britain limits rights of slave owners over slaves Abolitionist movement heated up 1807: British abolition of the slave trade [not slavery]-you can no longer transfer slaves across the border for the purpose of enslaving them 1808: American abolition Slave= slav [b/c became human property, not only blacks]...
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Bl St lec 102307 - goes to bed naked, sons come along, one...

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