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Bl St Lec 102507 - From Roxanne: black men would drop their...

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Bl St Lec 102507 Wheeler why did white racism emerge? o Argues when it emerged but less about why o Civil Rights movement Makes it clear that she is engaged in white studies Emerged early 1990’s, as a response to black studies [1969], chicano studies, as American studies, women studies argues that racism and slavery are synonomous in historical terms “slavery long predated the appearance of white racism”, not caused by white racism b/c it came later Why: Oliver Cromwell Cox: “Caste, Class, and Race” Racism is an anesthesia produced by the ruling [property owning class] in order to desensitize themselves from what they have to do on a daily basis “i.e. I can rape this woman and won’t have to contend with protest”, she is “not really human”
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Unformatted text preview: From Roxanne: black men would drop their pants and show penis in order to prove humanness slaves in the US had to be policed-even stated in the constitution no matter where they went, they were still going to be tracked [fugitives] Slave Resistance quilombos- fugitive slave resistance, group o ospalmares [1609-1692] o independent community of slaves, fought Portugese, Dutch, English armies to attempt to defeat them Cimarones: maroons in Florida they become the Seminoles fugitives [Indian and African] slaves maronage-term used for maroons Equiano voice is equivocal Midterm You may use outside sources, but keep to a minimum b/c only 5-6 pages Do not use black mule and white horse quote Back up with evidence...
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Bl St Lec 102507 - From Roxanne: black men would drop their...

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