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Bl St Lec 112907

Bl St Lec 112907 - -darker skinned actors played the evil...

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Bl St Lec 112907 Stepin Fetchit o American comedian and film actor, played off a stereotype of low- intelligence black man in early 20 th century American film 1915: The Birth of a Nation film depicting emergence of the Ku Klux Klan original title: ‘The Clansman’ attacked the period of reconstruction b/c it was a period of negro rule, which was an unnatural thing Noble Johnson, George Johnson put together a company called Lincoln motion pictures films about black men Oscar Micheaux- Micheaux Film [1915], starts to make many films Within Our Gates [1919] Symbol of the Unconquered When you saw these silent films you began to see why they were oppressed
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Unformatted text preview: -darker skinned actors played the evil roles, lighter skinned played the hero/heroin 1898: Trip To Coontown Bob Cole • black man performs it as a white man • Marion Cook, James Weldon Johnson [collaborator] Jes Lak White Folk • musical about a character who tried to be ‘just like white people’ • gained wealth and now intended that his daughter to go the right schools and become ‘just like white folks’ • 1898 • Critiques a black middle class that pretend to be white In NY from 1821-30’s, African Grove • James Hewett, black actor performing Shakespeare • Apprentice actor: Ira Aldridge...
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