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Engl 50 lec 100407

Engl 50 lec 100407 - Engl 50 lec 100407 1848 Gold Rush 1865...

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Engl 50 lec 100407 1848: Gold Rush 1865: Pacific RR company recruits Chinese workers 1882: Chinese Exclusion Act 1907: Gentlemen’s agreement 1913: 3 yr. land law 1924: Immigration Act [1917: Immigration Law] [1922: Cable Act] 1941: Bombing of Pearl Harbor [us declares war on Japan] 1968-69: Students on strike to demand establishment of ethnic studies programs 1965: congress decided to stop discriminating for #’s, helped change immigration ideology of the US, ppl from all over could come to the US -Significance of the hyphen -significance of nation-origin against Pan-Asian identity -US national tradition vs. evolving minority tradition [s] -presence of non-English language stylistics/registers/linguistic indices-pidgin [non standard American language]? Second language interference? Multilingual resources? Eugene Gloria’s “assimilation” importance of imagery-foods US identified or Filipino/alien identified, 57-58 decoding particular linguistic items; words or bearing emotional resonance: e.g.
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