Engl 50 Lec 101807

Engl 50 Lec 101807 - ambivalence or clarity? Use of...

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Engl 50 Lec 101807 Library orientation for research paper: Gerardo Colmenar extra credit Tuesday Oct. 23 1-2 pm [room 1575 library] Wednesday Oct. 24 11-12 pm [room 1414C library] Wednesday Oct 24 3-4 pm room 1575 library Arrived in San Francisco, 1901 analyze narrative of relationship and marriage “change of faith” 5, par. 1 Japanese marriage, 5 Matsuo’s welcome, 10-11 Christian words were spoken, 11 par. 41 Dominant rhetoric: pro-american, Christian, assimilationist “I have no spirit of criticism” [9] Modifiers, ‘artistic, beautiful, happy faced, corteous’ ‘giant’= ‘generous, broad, strong, feee’ Underlying metaphor of ‘family’: Kin, Kind, 10, 12 US as ‘best’, ‘American mother’, “noblest, sweetest woman that Gad made’ Compare and contrast language deployments for Eaton and Sugimoto dialogical or monological [Eaton]
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Unformatted text preview: ambivalence or clarity? Use of imagery: difference or sameness [eaton=difference, sugimoto=same] Hybridization or simplicity of language Korean-American historical context korea: colonized by Japan, 1905-1945, 24-25; 27 [falls under Gentlemens agreement, 1907] 22 Early memoirs: elite texts, educated class, access to English and publishers Reproduction of western social construct of the individual subject; individuation as central action, US as new birth, 22 Dominant rhetoric? the beginning of my existence must be founded here, 22 dram, new, leaped, titanic, excess, incessant it was to that the individualist was born, the individualist, demanding life and more life, 25 Modernism/the American city as the place for transformation/ vast mechanical incubator...
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Engl 50 Lec 101807 - ambivalence or clarity? Use of...

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