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Engl 50 Lec 101807

Engl 50 Lec 101807 - • ambivalence or clarity • Use of...

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Engl 50 Lec 101807 Library orientation for research paper: Gerardo Colmenar extra credit Tuesday Oct. 23 1-2 pm [room 1575 library] Wednesday Oct. 24 11-12 pm [room 1414C library] Wednesday Oct 24 3-4 pm room 1575 library Arrived in San Francisco, 1901 analyze narrative of relationship and marriage “change of faith” 5, par. 1 Japanese marriage, 5 Matsuo’s welcome, 10-11 Christian words were spoken, 11 par. 41 Dominant rhetoric: pro-american, Christian, assimilationist “I have no spirit of criticism” [9] Modifiers, ‘artistic, beautiful, happy faced, corteous’ ‘giant’= ‘generous, broad, strong, feee’ Underlying metaphor of ‘family’: Kin, Kind, 10, 12 US as ‘best’, ‘American mother’, “noblest, sweetest woman that Gad made’ Compare and contrast language deployments for Eaton and Sugimoto dialogical or monological [Eaton]
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Unformatted text preview: • ambivalence or clarity? • Use of imagery: difference or sameness [eaton=difference, sugimoto=same] • Hybridization or simplicity of language Korean-American historical context • korea: colonized by Japan, 1905-1945, 24-25; 27 • [falls under Gentlemen’s agreement, 1907] 22 • Early memoirs: “elite” texts, educated class, access to English and publishers • Reproduction of western social construct of the individual subject; individuation as central action, US as new birth, 22 Dominant rhetoric? • “the beginning of my existence must be founded here”, 22 • “dram”, “new, leaped, titanic, excess, incessant” • “it was to that the individualist was born, the individualist, demanding life and more life”, 25 • Modernism/the American city as the place for transformation/ “vast mechanical incubator”...
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Engl 50 Lec 101807 - • ambivalence or clarity • Use of...

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