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Engl 50 Lec 111507 - Getting Lost, 136 • space-not...

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Engl 50 Lec 111507 [email protected] Review for Final Exam Wednesday December 5 th : 4-5 pm Girvetz 1004 No class December 6 th Final Exam Friday Dec 14 th 4-7 Bring blue books, will be checked Open book and reader No notes [free floating notes] Citizen 13660 Narrator: enters into a male space, 63-64 single older men, Issei [bachelor society] isolation, tender representations music sleep prayer flower Artist as different, two types of gender critique [65, 90, 96, 106] men as grotesque housed in horse stalls/stables degeneration – Issei and males- loss of social and hierarchal status, traditional norms of manhood/masculinity Train to Topaz shift in narrative travel and/or stasis body language: immobile, discomfort, abjection Relocation to Topaz, Irony: 123 images of physical hardships: wind, sand, smells, bleak landscapes, deserts and “welcome to topaz” sign
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Unformatted text preview: Getting Lost, 136 • space-not negotiable • ‘lost’-directions, identity, prior livelihood/material being, cultural practices Theresa Cha, ‘Dictee’ , 81-84 ***on Final*** • conceptual art • techniques and ideas drawn from film, poetry, theory, memoir, history, etc • postmodern features: juxtaposition, assemblage, rejection of unities, etc. Korean American Historical and cultural contexts • Korean war [1950-53], division at 38 th parallel between North and South Korea • Military fascism; student led pro-democracy uprisiong [april 19, 1960], defeated by US installed strong man Syngman Rhee • 1980: Kwangja uprising: catalyzed anti-US sentiments • significance of repetition: remembering, memory, returning of past, signifying trauma ***concept of trauma: important for final exam ***...
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Engl 50 Lec 111507 - Getting Lost, 136 • space-not...

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