Engl 50 Lec 112707

Engl 50 Lec 112707 - citizen’ Maladjustment as...

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Engl 50 Lec 112707 Linh Dinh, 507, “the dead” Vietnamese American/refugee-exile ontology Narrative story/poem Dramatic details Significance of the local [as against the universal]: santa barbara, bolsa avenue Historical Context: ‘The dead are not dead’ juxtaposition of past and present: refugee experience—trauma of rupture, repetition of trauma Nguyen Ba Trac, ‘The White Horse’, 111 US relations with Vietnam: military history Refugee narrative Displacement, physical and psychic Reinscription of problematic of identity memory as self-collective myth you lose your identity when you have alzheimer’s b/c you lose the identity of who you are and who your family is Uses Irony to perceive two nation identities ‘to a country as law-abiding and orderly as America, Mr. Nguyen is not a good
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Unformatted text preview: citizen’ Maladjustment as economic/’feeling’ subject Irony as history: “the conflict between capitalism and communism wouldn’t mean much either if the earth were attacked by aliens from Venus” Exilic, diasporic, immigrant: different subjectives • irony of fixity of Vietnamese past Monkey Bridge • represents a challenging passing • in actuality is a small bridge which is hard to cross 1. Representations of the Vietnam War; representing circulation of discourse of Vietnam on the individual, national and public psyche 2. individual and family tragedy/trauma: violence, murder, madness, suicide 3. mother-daughter relationship 4. refugee condition/trauma 5. assimilation/’Americanization’ 6. critique of the imagined nation...
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Engl 50 Lec 112707 - citizen’ Maladjustment as...

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