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Engl 50 Lec 1025507 Abraham Vergese- story about becoming a doctor in US English becomes the retreating link between families at times Stylistic/characteristic features o Science discourse; medical world; doctor and patient relationship, imagery and scientific terminology: 498: para 2; 501: para 21 o Linear, conventional narrative structure o “clear” language and “thick” description, 501 o Narrator seeming ‘transparent’ construction: reliable? o Strategies to create transparency: [summary, ‘objective’ diction, report on interior states, 500- telling, impression of unity] contestations of subject positions and theories o consent [legal, constitutional, contractual identities] over descent [ethnic, racial, familial] paradigms [Werner sollors] o universalism over fragmentation page 500, the voice of the character who is the subject [narrator]
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Unformatted text preview: o how does he characterize himself? All I asking for is my Body • will appear on midterm • Part 1: shortest, one major action, Kiyo gives up friendship under parents’ pressure • Part 2: two interrelated actions: Oban’s death and Mother’s recovery • Part 3: multiple actions: Tosh and Kiyo’s struggles against multiple oppressive forces • Island setting • Buddhist cultural beliefs: Takemoto Sansei [81-82] • Immigrant Japanese social values [8-9] • Plantation Labor system: Mr. Nelson [34] • Americanization: Mr. Snook [32] • Collin sucks balls Reader: p. 62-64: ‘internal colonialism’ and ‘colonial labor system’ Reader 48: Makot’s father is a pimp, mother is prostitute...
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