greek myth lec 040607

greek myth lec 040607 - o Ie you don’t understand...

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Greek Myth Lec 040607 Last Class: Allegorical Interpretations: 1. Physical 2. Moral 3. Historical Freudian Interpretation -there is no “right” way to interpret myth Theogony: composed ca. 700BC [god birth] the theogony enumerates the births of the gods, from oldest generation down to youngest [a family history] cosmology: not just about Gods’ births, but also about the birth of mankind first use of writing is to write down some of their hymns first women gods ruled then men gods [pattern of theology] heisod’s thogony -theme is the rise of Zeus Generations: Gaia/ouranos Rhea/Kronos Zeus/Metis and Hera Hesiod, the Muses, and Mt. Helikon -Hesiod runs into muses, singing perfect music and dancing, tell Hesiod he is bad In the Beginning… chaos-gap [opening to nothingness] Gaia-earth [water, planet, etc.] Tartaros-underworld Eros-sexual desire
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Unformatted text preview: o Ie you don’t understand darkness until you understand light • sexual production: the first generation [Ouranos, Gaia, Kronos]-cut off testicles, blood falls fromskies and produce the Furies * testicles produced Aphrodite Succession Crisis: The Next Generation [Kronos] • Kronos plan: eat his children to prevent incest of children with wife • Women control birth and have Gile • Rhea convinced Kronos to swallow a rock instead of Zeus • Del phi: stone representing divine rock that came out when Kronos threw up • No male reign will last Zeus vs. Titans • defeats Typhoeus • swallowed Methis and became smart • Birth of Athena [Zeus] w/ Metis • Zeus wants to overthrow role of women, will not let daughters marry and will remain virgins o Women goddesses desexed, male dominant society...
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greek myth lec 040607 - o Ie you don’t understand...

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