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Greek Myth Lec 042307 - o Olive oil and olives were main...

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Greek Myth Lec 042307 Athens and Athena: Chicken and the Egg bronze age palace Acropolis of Athens: high point in the city, sacred and defensive area o Entire area was sacred to Athena o 500 cattle sacrifice took place Parthenon: Athenians turned myth into reality with cult sites, art Linear tablet: atana potinija [powerful Athena], shows she is really old o Wearing a gigantic shield, showing shielded woman Athena promakhos o 60 feet high o Quintessential Athena type Aegis and Gorgon o Gorgon [Medusa], Aegis used reflective device to kill her through looking through a mirror [b/c if you look at Medusa you turn to stone] Athena: Goddess of Crafts Loom weights and household work, ca. 400 BC o Loom=weaving, arachnis challenged Athena to loom off o Read o Punishment is to turn arachnis into a spider, now can not make real human weavings Panathenaic Festival: Presentation of New Robe Athenian silver coin: Owl o Olive branch: central to Athena o Oil used for everything
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Unformatted text preview: o Olive oil and olives were main part of their diet o To see at night olive oil was used like candles o Main way to clean yourself was olive oil o Athena is a goddess of culture, gives us all these things • Erechtheus and the Myth of Autochthony o Ethestus is chasing Athena and ejaculates onto the earth to make Erectheus born, born from the earth o Autochthony: people all born from the same area [i.e. the earth] o House of Erechtheus on Acropolis: wooden statue of Athena w/in gets worshipped • The contest between Athena and Poseidon o Contest over who would be the chief diety of Athens o Poseidon puts salt water spring in middle of nowhere Floods the plains of Athens with salt water, so cult is formed to worship him in order to stop the destruction o Athena springs up olive tree o Made it look like Athena was there from the beginning o Catch: all olives must be put in salt water in order to become edible...
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Greek Myth Lec 042307 - o Olive oil and olives were main...

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