Greek Myth Lec 050207

Greek Myth Lec 050207 - • Dionysus is taken to Pentheus...

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Greek Myth Lec 050207 Enthusiasmos-possession by the God Bacchas-fellow drinker, Dionysus, designed to make us feel better about life Balancing things is a major theme in Greek Myth Hermes crosses literary [geographic] boundaries and Dionysus crosses boundaries between: young and old, man and woman Dionysus and the Irrational, Part II God of grape/wine and intoxication Outsider/Identity: He blurs the lines Mystery Cult/Ritual Initiation Terms: Euripides, Peloponnesian War, Sophists, Pentheus, Semele, Tiresias and Cadmus, Agave what kind of “release” does Dionysus provide? o Weaving-release for women o Drawing water let them get out of the house Euripides and the Bacchae 406 BC, end of Peloponnesian War Dionysus comes out w/ feminine clothing, a foreign chorus, tells story of when he came from Thebes o Thebes: setting of nearly all mythical dramas, b/c similar to Athens but different enough to suspend beliefs
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Unformatted text preview: • Dionysus is taken to Pentheus, King of Thebes • Pentheus is both intrigued by Dionysus, at the same time is angry and rejects him • Pentheus: woman are getting drunk and releasing sexually in the forests? • Pentheus taunts Dionysus [“curly locks…”], Dionysus takes it to let him commit hubris, tells him you don’t know the limits of your strength [b/c Pentheus means pain], “you will find out who you really are”, Dionysus destroys palace, does a bunch of things to Pentheus’ people • Pentheus is intrigued by all this • When army intrudes, havoc occurs • Rationalizes watching women in the forest in their rituals, Dionysus tells Pentheus to dress up in womens clothing and sneak up on them, women see him and rip him apart like he were an animal • Culture depends on these liminal zones and culture in general • Garden of the Hesperides...
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Greek Myth Lec 050207 - • Dionysus is taken to Pentheus...

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