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Greek Myth Lec 051407 - cratos: male power • Agamemnon...

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Greek Myth Lec 051407 Human succession crisis, blood feud within family Blood guilt and furies: [born of Uranus] Sacrifice of Iphiginea waiting for Agamemnon to come back from troy waiting for winds to pick up at Aulis, in the end has to sacrifice his daughter Iphiginea for winds, considered a crime Cassandra’s Story Apollo pursued her at marriageable age Prophecy returned for sex She refused the sex, so Apollo gave her prophecy but said nobody will believe her when she speaks [curse] “Cassandra complex”
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Unformatted text preview: cratos: male power • Agamemnon gets the axe Justice, from Family to City-State Mani and Blood Feuds • sons had to avenge their fathers deaths • long standing blood feuds could last up to 250 years • can even take place within a family [succession crisis] Eumenides –Furies-• major themes: o family curse and vendetta o succession myth [human version] Third play: • starts out with Arestes on the run [had already taken revenge by killing Agestes and mother]...
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