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Greek Myth Lec 052507 - mother • decides to leave Corinth...

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Greek Myth Lec 052507 Panhellenic vs. local heroes Tribal identity: Hellen’s son = Douros, Xouthos, Aeolos the greeks did not necessarily believe in their myths o ie Titans ate their own children, did not believe this b/c gods are eating their children o skeptics, mainly about older stories o realized that gods are how the humans shaped them, not supposed to believe literal stories Family Tree of Theban Royal Family Cadmus goes in search of sister Europa Sophocles: Oedipus Rex Delphi predicts that Laius will be overthrown bya son Laius avoids intercourse with his wife, for a while… Shepard Euphorbus is supposed to expose child on a mountain Child’s ankles are pinned Aristotle, peoetics: Oedipus Tyrannus as quintessential tragedy child Oedipus comes of age and gets an oracle: kill your father and marry your
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Unformatted text preview: mother • decides to leave Corinth city-state forever to overcome his fate • leaves Corinth, never told he was adopted • makes his way to Thebes to a place where 3 roads meet: “Oedipus crossroads” • road rage, Oedipus kills Laertes [father] • goes to the Sphinx, “bad mom syndrome” • city is having troubles, last one to see them Prophet Tiresias Sophoclean Irony • further back in mythical time, Tiresias [alive] hints clues to everyone • realizes things are not getting better in the lands • tries to be good leader and say “I feel everyone’s pain” • “king of Corinth dies”, finds out he is not the true son of king Laertes • Finds out Lias is true father, Oedipus killed him...
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