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greek myth midterm review

greek myth midterm review - Study Suggestions for Midterm...

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Study Suggestions for Midterm Exam Concerning the Gods: 1) Who are the parents of each god or goddess? 2) What are the principle attributes of each god? (from the slides and readings) 3) What are the powers and spheres of influence of each god. 4) Name three supporting characters (mortal or divine) for the Theogony, each of the major Homeric Hymns, and the Bacchae. 5) Describe the plot and setting of each of the above works. Concerning Ovid's Metamorphoses : 1) What animal or plant is each character turned into? 2) What god or goddess is involved in the transformation? How is the god or goddess involved? Is there a pursuit? An accident? 3) Review the three stages of initiation. How old are girl initiates? What is the typical activity of male initiates? What role do adult males and females play in Greek society? v How do the myths we have studied so far relate to actual social rituals, cults and cult sites (temples, etc.)? Again, make detailed lists. We have discussed rituals, cults and cult sites connected to: Athena, Zeus, Hera, Apollo, and Artemis. We have also dealt with ancient practices like sacrifice. v Think about aetia (plural of aition ). Which stories qualify as aetia ? Make a list of as many different aetia as you can. Do aetia seem to concern similar types of myths, or not? What function/s do aetia have in society? v What separates humans from the Olympians, and how is this apparent in the myths? How do humans communicate with the Olympians? Which divinities and humans are associated most with mediation between the human and the divine spheres? Is their mediation between the human and the divine successful? Make lists of stories that can be applied to these questions.
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v A related topic is sacrifice. Who are the main characters involved in stories about sacrifice that we have encountered so far? What do they do in their myths? What are the results of the kinds of sacrifice-myths we have seen? What is the place of humans in these stories?
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