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soc1 study guide 1 - Economy of Scope sell as much to those...

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Anomie: absence, breakdown, confusion, conflict in norms of society Organic solidarity: rules, codes, behavior that allow ppl to work together 4 q’s: -structure of society -how does society divide its labor -where does society stand in human hist -what varieties of ppl prevail in this society Smoke Signals: you have to understand the norms, used humor as a weapon uncrown the power of John Waynes teeth by laughing at it -everything we do is set up by society Troubles: self Issues: matters that become public [society] *Shape up v low man out systems -Thornstein Veblen * instinct of Workmanship, conspicuous Consumption [“going to take over”, business make products look prestigious] why do ppl not want to work why are some ppl proud of work what is structure [4 Q’s] darning egg, eg. Of something making sense economically -Lionel Hampton, father is train man -On the Waterfront: Rehire every day, competitive Low man out system preserved social relations Economy of scale –sell as much possible to everyone [average]
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Unformatted text preview: Economy of Scope- sell as much to those with most money Globalization: involves the movement of cities throughout the world. Technology In what ways is domestic work and its battles over labor control similar to the struggles Stan Weir described in longshore work over the shape-up and the low man George Simmel: The Metropolis 1] cities produce anonymity and an unmerciful “matter of factness” 2] a life in boundless pursuit of pleasure makes one blasé because it agitates the nerves to their strongest reactivity for such a long time that they finally cease to react at all” C. Wright Mills: The Socioogical imagination-personal troubles linked to social issues-feeling trapped: from the individuals standpoint, much that happens seems th Emile Durkheim-organic solidarity, division of labor, anomie Antipathy: not caring for others [blasé attitude leads to it] Export of care: bringing ppl here to watch ur family...
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soc1 study guide 1 - Economy of Scope sell as much to those...

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