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Soc 1 Final Review - Soc 1 Final Review Lipsitz...

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Soc 1 Final Review, Lipsitz Sociology=study of relationship between structure and agency structure [affects ppl, linked to troubles] and agency [people, linked to issues] Word Person, Definition o examples Alienation Karl Marx when people make money, they start to lose touch with where they came from. (desk job alienates while manual labor connects you). Alienated labor karl Marx labor that becomes ‘divorced’ from the profit, no matter how high a wage your employer will make more “in proportion as capital accumulates, the lot of the laborer, be his payment high or low, must grow worse.” Anomie Emile Durkheim an absence, breakdown, confusion, or conflict in the norms of society solution is organic solidarity Asymmetries of Power A relationship when one person/group has more power than the other (worker/employee, immigrants/non-immigrants, men/women). Employers have it over the chores and wages of their employers, but their power is less than that of the man of the house. The power slips from the employer when the child likes the nanny/housekeeper. Power switches on the docks due to the threat of a strike and the problems it may cause in the economy (mechanization took this power away). Worker/employee, immigrants/non-immigrants, men/women. Bureacracy Max Weber Advanced division of labor requires administration [keeping track] Functionaries: ppl w/ small job within the system Bureaucrats: exercise power impersonally according to rules Decisions can be made at a distance o 1. superior form of administration but not necessarily efficient [lessens conflict]
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o 2. antithetical to democracy o 3. can produce ppl in power who avoid blame [“following rules”] o 4. ppl. Can expand power o 5. stick to regulations w/out Q’s, no matter how ridiculous a “superior” form of administration even though it is not necessarily efficient b/c it produces stability and lessens conflict. But bureaucracies can produce people in power who evade responsibility, perpetuate and expand their own power, or stick to the letter of regulations without taking into account their purpose. Commodity Fetishism Karl Marx Product consumption “a commodity is therefore a mysterious thing, simply because in it the social character of man’s appears to them as an objective character stamped upon the product of that labor; because the relation of the producers to the sum total of their own labor is presented to them as a social relation, existing not between themselves, but between the products of their labor” Relations among young ppl become perceived as relations between products and places, alienating individuals from themselves and imposing impediments to realizing their “species being”. Yet ppl also strive to realize their “species being” by being creative and building connections to others. Conspicuous Consumption
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Soc 1 Final Review - Soc 1 Final Review Lipsitz...

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