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Soc 1 Lec 110906 The Lonely Crowd as people become more dependent b/c of division of labor, they get connected to other people who are far away, but also alienated from them b/c of the terms and conditions are so different from the lives of the people who make the products [Simmel] asymmetry of power bring people closer together and farther apart all at the same time Stan Weir: “containerization was the start of our history” Flavor flav: went against commodification FHA: created to use gov’t money to stimulate consumption
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Unformatted text preview: -however, most loans went to white people-massive public works projects helped distribute wealth, lead to highway act which was good for automobile industry, gasoline, real estate, homebuilding, makes suburban life more valuable than life in the cities Department of the Navy drew up first plans for containerization [gov’t did research, shaped the technology, so that companies could get more profits, people investing could have more power than people working]-Stan Weir had to go to Gov’t board to fight it...
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