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Soc 1 lec 111606 sign sign in sheet Behind the Label price of clothes versus reward of having clothes 1959 change of low man out to containerization caused many of the problems that we have I todays apparel industry Homestead Act 1863 Migration and centralization of business two imp. Aspects o Centralization: elimination of competitors Lipshitz: don’t think there has been a period in the world where multinational corporations and investors who own them domino’s sales of pizza=annual expenditures of gov’t senagal, uganda, Iceland, …etc US used to be last in mango production, but now 1 st b/c immigration and people who used to grow / eat them in their home country. ½ mango consumption in US
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Unformatted text preview: done in LA alone • Ppl closer together b/c food eaten and rituals but farther apart due to assym. Of power • Bonacich/Applebaum: Investors/consumers have never had it so good, workers have never had it so hard • In foreign countries armed gaurds protect against ppl coming to check working conditions and wages • Workers work in facilities that look like prison • Women are fired if pregnant b/c companies do not want to pay maternity • Workers can work 12 hr. days 7 days a week minimum pay • Workers can live 7 to a room • Sporadic beatings that are routine part of discipline •...
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