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Biology 4071/6071 - Human Genetics Lecture Syllabus Instructor: Dr. Melvin Beck Spring 2004 Office: Life Sciences 317 Office Hours Wed. 10:30-11:30; Phone: 678-2970 Tu & Th 1:00-200; By appointment email: [email protected] Course Overview: Human genetics is an upper division/graduate course that presents the principles of classical and molecular genetics with a focus on the application of those principles to humans. This course is not intended to be an introduction to the field of genetics but instead is a specialize course in which human will be the primary organism of genetic interest. Students should have already completed an introductory genetics course with an additional course in cell biology recommended. Topics that will be covered include cell cycle regulation, segregation, linkage, genetic and physical mapping, multifactorial inheritance, cytogenetics and chromosomal abnormalities, cancer genetics, mitochondrial inheritance, human molecular genetics, mutation, and genetic screening and counseling. Prerequisites: Biology 3072 (Genetics) or an equivalent introductory genetics course. A course in cell biology is also strongly recommended. Text, Supplies, and Web Page: Text: Gustavo Maroni. 2001. Molecular and Genetic Analysis of Human Traits. Blackwell Science, Malden, MA. Calculator: You should have a scientific calculator, one that can perform log and square and cube root functions. Web Sites: Readings from selected research/review articles will be used to supplement the textbook for certain lecture topics. These articles will be available on the course web page. Examination and Grading Policy: Your course grade will be determined by your performance on: 1) three examinations given as indicated on the lecture schedule, 2) problem sets, 3) a review paper and oral presentation, and 4) a final examination.
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Lecture Examination: There will be three lecture examinations during the semester and they will constitute 50% of your course grade. Each examination will be worth 100 points and will consist of problems, thought questions, and multiple choice questions. Each lecture examination will consist of a take home portion and an in class portion. The test will draw on lecture material, required readings, and class discussion. Answers to questions are to be grammatically correct and to employ appropriate genetic symbols. Problem Sets:
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humangenetics - Biology4071/6071HumanGenetics...

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