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MCB 32 intro - Uncovered materials Question and answer...

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MCB 32 : Human Physiology Jason Yu ( [email protected] ) Discussion Sections 107 W8-9 182 Dwinelle 108 W3-4 122 Wheeler 111 M1-2 215 Dwinelle Office Hour F 10-11 449 LSA ??? 1. Greetings: Hello! I am 2 nd year graduate student in MCB. I am very happy to do your GSI in MCB 32. Since I am foreign student, I might have a problem in language. However I will do my best to communicate with you, and to help your studying. Also I expect you to help me by questioning, commenting or even complaining!!! 2. Discussion Sections: Summary of the Lecture /
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Unformatted text preview: Uncovered materials / Question and answer / Mini-quiz / 3. Bspace : All materials Any questions Any ideas in study, course, discussion sections or whatever! 4. Small tips for studying : Terminology – make sure you understand the word correctly! Try to focus on the big picture - main idea! Lecture is very important! – grab what the professor emphasizes 5. Class : Tu/Th 9:30-11:00 2050VLSB Text : Fox, Human Physiology, McGraw-Hill Bspace : Lecture notes and slides from the professor...
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