MCB 32 chap7 - V-gated Ca2+ channel Ca2+ influx exocytosis...

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MCB 32 : Human Physiology Jason Yu (  [email protected]   ) Discussion Sections 107  W8-9    182 Dwinelle 108  W3-4    122 Wheeler 111  M1-2    215 Dwinelle Office Hour F 9:30-11   449 LSA Chap7 A. Action Potentials … from wikipedia   depolarization  over threshold V-gated Na+  channel open inactivation of  Na+ channel V-gated K+  channel open V-gated K+  channel closed Vm depolarization Overshoot repolarization undershoot resting  potential 1. V-gated channels (vs. simple ion channels-facilitated diffusion)  2. All or None Law 3. Refractory period
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Absolute refractory period – V-gated Na+ channel inactivation Relative refractory period – V-gated K+ channel still opened 4. myelination saltatory conduction B. The Synapse  - signal transmission bet. Cells  Electrical synapse – gap junction  Chemical synapse – neurotransmitter                  Action potential 
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Unformatted text preview: V-gated Ca2+ channel Ca2+ influx exocytosis of neurotransmitter Neurotransmitter ligand-gated receptor ion channel opening or closing EPSP(excitatory postsynaptic potential) or IPSP(inhibitory postsynaptic potential) Neurotransmitter breakdown (ex. AchE ) C. Synaptic integration – many EPSP and IPSP are integrated into axon hillock where action potential initiates. Spatial summation : ex. 2 different EPSP or IPSP Temporal summation : different frequency of EPSP Fig. 7.33 and 7.34...
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MCB 32 chap7 - V-gated Ca2+ channel Ca2+ influx exocytosis...

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