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MCB 32 chap3 - MCB 32 Human Physiology Discussion Sections...

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MCB 32 : Human Physiology Jason Yu ( [email protected] ) Discussion Sections 107 W8-9 182 Dwinelle 108 W3-4 122 Wheeler 111 M1-2 215 Dwinelle Office Hour F 9:30-11 449 LSA Chap3. Cell Organelles ……… from wikipedia - organelle Plasma membrane : phospholipids bilayer / lots of proteins Cytoskeleton : microfilaments(actin) / intermediate filaments / microtubules(tubulin) Nucleus : double membrane/ genetic materials(DNA) / nuclear pore complex Ribosomes : making proteins from mRNA / consists of 2 subunits( both are protein + rRNA complexes) Endoplasmic reticulum(E.R.) : protein synthesis w/ ribosomes (rough E.R.) lipid synthesis, detoxification (smooth E.R.) store Ca2+
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Golgi complex : protein trafficking(ex. secretory proteins) and protein modification(glycosylation) Lysosomes : membrane bound vesicle / phagocytosis and degradative function Mitochondria : ATP synthesis double membrane (outer mem., intermembranous space, inner mem, matrix) <Protein synthesis> <transcription> <translation> DNA -> mRNA -> Protein RNA ribosome polymerase (in nucleus) (from cytoplasm/some into E.R.)
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