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MAE-101 Spring, 2007 Final Examination Study Guide There will be six problems in the test. Final examination will be a closed book, closed note examination. Only one formula page (both sided) will be allowed. It should not contain any derivations of formulae or any worked out examples. Only the final forms of the formulae are allowed. Exam will contain all necessary formulae. Any additional formulae you may need will be provided to you. Do not memorize formulae, but you need to understand the roles of various formulae to solve various types of differential equations. Study the theoretical developments and examples presented in class, discussion session and in homework assignments in the following areas. 1. Chapter 2-5: Freebody diagrams, Equivalent and equilibrium systems, 2- and 3-D equilibrium problems 2. Chapter 9: Stresses and strains in truss members, machines and beams.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Chapter 8: Theory of dry friction and its applications to (a) belt friction and (b) threads. 4. Chapter 14: Determination of shear force ( ) V x and bending moment ( ) M x distribution along a elastic beam due to (a) uniform loading, (b) triangular loading , (c) concentrated force and (d) concentrated moment. Characteristics of ( ) and ( ) V x M x due to a concentrated force or a concentrated moment. 5. Chapter 15: Determinations of normal stress ( , ) x y σ and average shear stress ( , ) av x y τ on a given section of beam cross-section. Applications of related formulae. 6. Chapter 16: Deflection of neutral axis ( ) y v x = of a elastic beam due to lateral loads. Boundary/end conditions, continuity and discontinuity conditions. Formulae relating ( ), ( ), ( , ), ( , ), ( ), and . av V x M x x y x y v x E I...
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