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ARE 106 HW 2 - Jeff Phang January 17, 2009 Hw #2 #1. i)...

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January 17, 2009 Hw #2 #1. i) DATA2-2: High school and College GPA of undergraduate students Data reflect the first year achievement. colgpa = Grade point average in college (Range 0.85 - 3.97) hsgpa = High school GPA (Range 2.29 - 4.5) ii) This is a cross section data set. iii) Most data stays within the 2.0-4.0 range. High school gpa tends to be higher than college gpa. and There are a few questionable observations like # 162, 167, 311, 380, 381, 385 and 386 that show relatively high hsgpa with a very low college gpa. AP classes, graded on a 5.0 scale in high school boost the potential gpa over 4.0 and could be a possible cause for the lower college gpa relative to high school gpa for the same students. The overall impression is that college gpas are lower than high school gpas for a given student. iv) Summary Statistics, using the observations 1 - 427 Variable MEAN MEDIAN MIN MAX colgpa 2.7855 2.7900 0.85000 3.9700 hsgpa 3.5578 3.5900 2.2900 4.5000 Variable S.D. C.V. SKEW EXCSKURT colgpa 0.54082 0.19416 -0.20436 -0.037888 hsgpa 0.41958 0.11793 -0.40265 -0.20704 The mean college gpa is 0.7723 lower than the high school mean gpa. This supports the theory that students’ gpas generally drop once entering college. The variance of the hsgpa is sd ^2
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ARE 106 HW 2 - Jeff Phang January 17, 2009 Hw #2 #1. i)...

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