C2323SS4 - Chem 2323 Study Sheet #4 Topic : Alkenes :...

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1 C C h h e e m m 2 2 3 3 2 2 3 3 Study Sheet #4 Topic : Alkenes : Nomenclature and Structure Reference : McMurry chpt.6-5 I. Degrees of Unsaturation pages :190-192 Survey of the rules for calculating the degrees of unsaturation , and their use in predicting the structure of alkenes, and / or ring compounds. II. Electronic structure and Isomerism pages : 195-200 (i) The nature and function of the π and σ in alkenes, their strengths and their effects on carbon-carbon bond rotation (ii) The possibility of cis - trans isomers in substituted alkenes and their respective stabilities (iii) The need for the E, Z designation for more complex alkene structures and a description of the sequence rules . (iv) The ordering of alkene stability based on the type and degree of substitution. An explanation of this stability in terms of inductive effects and hyperconjugative effects . III. Organic Reactions pages : 152-154, 156-160, 167-178 (i) The grouping of organic reacton types into four categories :
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C2323SS4 - Chem 2323 Study Sheet #4 Topic : Alkenes :...

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