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study guide fst3 mt2

study guide fst3 mt2 - carbonation before Closed tanks can...

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Sierra Nevada- named after the mountains bc he’s a avid backpacker, named his daughter sierra as well. Location: Chico Founder: Ken Grosman Started home brewing in the late 1960s, opened a brewery in 1980 (low point in history for brewing, only 40 companies, today about 1500 brewers) Start up cost: $100k Leaned heavily on the dairy industry bc they had Discharge spent grain to feed cows to then cook to make steak, take the compost from the heard to fertilize the hops to close the loop Trademark: fermentation completed in the bottle bc they couldn’t do artificial
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Unformatted text preview: carbonation before. Closed tanks- can collect co2 from the top and reuse it, can collect yeast from the bottom, don’t need to be physically scrubbed but fermentation characteristics are slightly different and you don’t get to look at the fermentation Cellar is semi auto, they still manually connect pipes to route beer Quality control was key to success, use a lab early on to analyze the beer at various stages First bottler was a soda filler, replaced with maytag 50 bottles/min...
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