POL 3 - POL 3 www.dsp-hurho.com 9/27/07 1.Concept/factual...

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POL 3 www .dsp-hurho.com 9/27/07 1 .Concept/ factual IR 1. How do the citizens fo the world interact a. Consequences- greater in IR than other Poli Sci bc of war/peace effect 2. Factual a. UN Security b. Sec of state c. Status of sudan/iraq 3. Conceptual a. What is a balanced power? b. What is a stratified international system? c. Illigalitarian meaning? 4. Major topics: a. Theoretical assumptions i. Realism (Realists)- people who take objective views of the world 1. Hard nosed/ understand IR- it is about power 2. no world government, no global political system, so it is an anarchy a. aka no common political authority to it 3. job of government is to ensure security and safety, but since there is not gov’t, the states must provide for their own security since there is no one to call on for safety a. must create power/military to protect themselves . 4. Job: acquire power 5. Challenge: Avoid war while amassing power ii. Evaluation of Realism (Liberals) 1. More than just power, can accomplish more 2. Security can be ensured w/o power a. Build common institutions b. Interdependent states c. Trade 3. Democracies do not fight each other aka US/Britain b. War i. 2 nd greatest killer of all time . Hunger is #1 ii. Why do they occur? 1. Is there something about the int’l that creates war? a. Gap between poor and rich? 2. Is there something about the states themselves? a. Wars were sometimes fought to distract the nation from stuff going wrong at home? iii. Characteristic of modern war 1. War of the future vs past
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a. Fought with WMDs not guns i. Nuclear/chem ./biological 2. WMDs 3. Iraq war a. Reasons b. Course c. Outcome d. Casualties i. US 4000 ii. Iraq ?????? we don’t know (100k-million) c. Most nation cooperate/trade/are secure (so IR not all about War) 3 mechanisms i. Diplomacy- State’s dept responsibility to resolve common problems peacefully ii. Int’l Law/courts- most of the time, this law is respected despite no int’l police . 1. why is it so effective? iii. Int’l Institutions 1. what we achieve is mostly done in an institution, not individuals 2. Ex . UN/int’l atomic energy commission/World health org/universal postal union/ d. Human Rights- (relatively new) i. Is there an irreducible level of humans rights below which gov’t cannot violate and if so, there are int’l consequences . ii. Ex . Darfur/Burma e. Terrorism i. Has risen to level of the greatest foreign policy concern for this admin . 1. 600 billion spending on war so far on Iraq/Iran/ Afghanistan, total budget each year is normally2 billion . ii. Very few people die annually of terrorist attacks relative to auto accidents/guns/cancer . f. Bread/butter aka Globalization (less than 20 yrs old) i. First time in history, lowest barriers to int’l trade/investment ii. Global market represents unrestricted democratic global market 1. makes nations more interndependent 2. Consequences a. Redistribution of income, countries w/ more trade=richer b. Increases gap between rich and poor
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POL 3 - POL 3 www.dsp-hurho.com 9/27/07 1.Concept/factual...

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