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Jeff Phang Joanna Groza Global Warming May 15, 2007 Bi Weekly Journal In putting our paper together our group analyzed some of the reasons why humans contribute to climate change. Some causes of climate change are corporations that watch only their bottom line instead of considering the total social costs of their actions. To maximize profits, a company must minimize their expenses and maximize their revenues. This means that the cost of making their production cleaner would increase expenses and cut into profits. From the corporate and business standpoint, there is no motivation to consider the environmental costs of their actions unless someone files a lawsuit against them. Increases in costs to keep production environmentally friendly would have to be
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Unformatted text preview: passed on to the customers in order for the company to maintain it’s profit levels. Depending on the product produced by the company, revenues from purchases might decrease as well if customers reduce their purchases. Either way the company earns less money. Some companies like GE have adapted their production methods to be environmentally friendly while concurrently pushing for legislation mandating environmentally friendly methods to be used. This would put the competition at a disadvantage since GE has a head start in the “green” production. I am looking forward to the new groups and would probably like to be in either the poster or movie group....
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