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gillian eval - Students must complete one of these forms...

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Students must complete one of these forms for each team member and for themselves. The final typed hard-copy packet must be submitted to Carrie in 585 Kerr Hall by 5pm Friday, March 13. DHC 3rd Year Team Project Member Self and Peer Evaluation Name of member: Gillian Taylor Evaluator: Jeff Phang Team: Bike Date Submitted: INSTRUCTIONS A. Rank each area on a scale of 1 – 10 where  10  would be “consistently high positive  contributions in this area” and  1  would be “no positive contributions in this area”. B. Provide justification for each score, using examples as appropriate. AREAS  1. Intellectual Contributions:   Understanding the project, doing the research, evaluating and  interpreting data, creative efforts and problem solving insight, providing intellectual leadership for  group.  Score: 10  Justification : Gillian’s creativity has continually astounded me throughout the quarter. She  continually provided top notch research and analysis with respect to our research and strategy. As 
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  • KERR HALL, JEFF PHANG Team, B. Provide justification, Team Project Member, hard-copy packet, Gillian Taylor Evaluator

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