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Impact Statement

Impact Statement - Davis Honors Challenge Third-Year...

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Davis Honors Challenge Third-Year Seminar  Winter 2009 Impact Statement Each student must describe the impact of their work for the quarter. As appropriate the impact can be on the  sponsor, on DHC, on the community, or in the usual case, on the student themselves.  This will be the most  significant input for forming the ‘impact’ part of your grade. Our group was given the opportunity to identify a problem that our sponsors had and try to fix it. The Transportation and Parking Services had a problem with the proliferation of bicycle safety information and wanted to know how the spread of bike safety knowledge could be improved. We conducted research through surveys and focus groups and made several conclusions contradictory to the former beliefs of TAPS. These results mostly contradicted the perceived effectiveness of tabling and dorm activities. We also found the most effective ways that bike information could be spread, (Pamphlets, fliers, orientation video and ads in the Aggie) and took steps towards their
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