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Jeff Phang DHC Toolbox, Thursday Section Charge: Discover and experience entrepreneurship by starting and running a domestic arbitrage business. Create a business plan and communicate with clubs, organizations and people who have experience with starting or running a business. Work with the city and law firms to find out what it takes in terms of registration and requirements. Description: Many students know what it is like to work for an employer but few know what it takes to be one. Let’s take the first step towards becoming a leader in the working world and find out what it takes for those who don’t feel like following the crowd. We will be the founders of a business that will teach us practical knowledge and add a tremendous boost to our resumes and experience. 1. This undertaking will be very challenging and will involve a lot of outside effort to be successful. Not only will we have to find out how to start a business, we will have to think quickly and act even quicker to make it a successful undertaking. In the process of
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